Zignet Payments
Zignet Payments

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Payment split

More than a tool, a partner for your business!

With Zignet, your machine becomes even more complete! Distribute fixed amounts or commissions between you and your employees automatically.

With Zignet Payment Splits you can have multiple items from multiple suppliers in a single sale and automatically split the total customer payment between multiple accounts involved.

Geometric object complementing the website designer
Geometric object complementing the website designer

Zignet's Split does much more for you and your business

Ideal for you

Whether selling products, providing services or in any other business model, Zignet Payment Split is the solution.

Regulations up to date

Zignet guarantees that your business will comply with current regulatory updates.

Total control

You have full control over the payment rules. Payment instructions are sent and the split is done automatically.

Correspondent banking

Zignet is the Banking Correspondent of Itaú Bank, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil, which makes life easier for our customers to pay bills, bank invoices and suppliers. Furthermore, you can always use your receivables to settle your debts, directly in our platform.

With debit and credit sales, the establishment adheres to the correspondent bank and, within the available or even anticipated amounts, we settle:

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Payment slips
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We perform transfers
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TED (Wire Transfers)
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Consumer accounts
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Itaú Bradesco and Banco Daycoval card flag icon

Receivables Advances

The best option to improve your cash flow. Cash-in your receivables in advance, with the best rates in the market. With Zignet, you choose how, when and how often you want to receive your sales. Whether occasionally or automatically, you have the money when you need it!

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