Zignet Payments
Zignet Payments

Meet ZIGNETPioneer in the debt installment plans service

Who we are

ZIGNET is a FINTECH that emerged to facilitate and innovate the bill collection process, in cash or installments, through cards or other forms of electronic payments.

In addition to offering traditional card receiving services, ZIGNET machines also allow for the payment of overdue and outstanding bills issued by public and private companies.

Personalized service, lower costs and state-of-the-art technology are benefits that make ZIGNET different, as well as offering greater flexibility and security in payment transactions.


Offer flexibility, convenience and security in the services provided to our customers.


Be a reference in innovative solutions through cards and other forms of electronic payments.


Ethics and transparency in business with social and environmental responsibility.

ZIGNET is accredited by National Traffic Secretary (SENATRAN) for vehicle debt installment payments throughout the national territory.